Interpreting the Extended DISC® Diamond

The Extended DISC® Diamond is a powerful behavioral map for analyzing and predicting how we prefer to do things.


Capitalizing on Your Leadership Strengths

Are you taking advantage of your leadership strengths to communicate, influence, and motivate your team members?


Tips for Using the 'At a Glance' Section

The Extended DISC® Assessment's 'At a Glance' section provides a brief visual overview of your client's behavioral style and much more.


Identifying DISC Styles Virtually

How often would you say your interactions occur face-to-face versus emails and phone calls?


Road Trip: Are You Prepared?

Road trips can be a trip of a lifetime or an epic nightmare. How can DISC help tip it to the right side?

Some of you may remember seeing the movie, National Lampoon's Vacation. It follows the misadventures of the Griswold family as they take a cross-country road trip to Wally World. The Griswold family had an abundance of hilarious disasters and crazy predicaments. Of course, movie magic makes


SHRM Recertification and DISC

How can Extended DISC help your SHRM recertification?


Is Your Sales Excuse Index Better than Average?

How much time do you and your salespeople spend on sales related activities?


Helping New Managers Succeed

Becoming a new manager is one of the most exciting and challenging transitions in a career - so, how do we keep the momentum going forward?


Skip This if Your Team is Pressure Free

Each of our team members perform and relate to others differently under pressure. DISC helps them predict and prepare for more successful outcomes.


Helping Your Clients Avoid the Success Trap

People who feel they've achieved success often face a challenge called the Success Trap.

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