How DISC Prevents Your Energy Drain

We've all walked in our front door and said, "What a day! I am wiped!" You can have less of those days by understanding how DISC identifies your energy drains.


Tips to Debriefing DISC Profiles

Read this if you could use tips on debriefing DISC Profiles.


Overview of C-styles

How do we identify and describe C-styles?

Do you work with or know someone who tends to be more analytical and reserved; someone we'd describe as a C-style? Has it been easy or challenging for you to interact with them? We can interact better with our C-style colleagues if we understand their style.


Overview of S-styles

How do we identify and describe S-styles?


Overview of I-styles

How do we identify and describe I-styles?

I-styles are typically more energetic, open, and social. Do you know anyone who is an I-style? Is it easy or more challenging for you to work with them? Understanding I-styles better can help you interact more effectively.


Overview of D-styles

How do we identify and describe D-styles?

Do you have colleagues who tend to be fast-paced, task-focused, and more assertive? Is it easy or more challenging for you to work with them? You can interact more effectively with them if you understanding D-styles.


Profiles: Describing the Relationship of the 4 DISC Styles

Extended DISC Profiles Sample

The Extended DISC® Profiles are easy to debrief, but there is even more understanding in the Profile graphs.


Love My Job...My Coworkers Not So Much

2 Frustrated Difficult coworkers at desk

Our interactions with our coworkers help determine our professional success. What happens when those interactions are not optimal?


We are More than Our DISC Profiles

According to the DISC theory you are classified as one of 4 DISC profiles. You may be the driven D-Style, the social I-Style, the steady S-Style, or the analytical C-Style. However, we are more complex and multi-dimensional than what a single DISC style can describe us as.


DISC Profiles: Food for Thought!

Recently, I traveled to Singapore to conduct a two-day DISC certification. I love doing DISC trainings and talking about DISC profiles, but add travel and food to the agenda and I'm in total heaven!

If you're wondering..."how can you relate DISC profiles to travelling and eating in Singapore," just bear with me and I'll explain.

I'm always looking for the best places to get a great meal. 


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