Unwrapping Your DISC Style through Gift-Wrapping

13 Dec, 2023 / by Christina Bowser

Sounds a bit random to focus on gift wrapping when discussing DISC, doesn't it? It's simply another reminder that DISC focuses on everything you do.

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DISC is about how you prefer to do things

DISC is widely known as a simple yet effective communication tool, but did you know it does more? It describes your preferred ways of doing things. DISC describes how you prefer to lead, communicate, make decisions, and yes, even how you approach gift-wrapping! So just for fun and to practice understanding DISC styles, let's explore how your gift-wrapping style aligns with your DISC style!

D-style gifters

gifts over white wrapped in white paper with red ribbons - 3d renderD-styles opt for efficiency;  clean lines, bold colors, and minimalistic designs. Their gift-wrapping focuses on getting it done, they often use sturdy materials like gift bags or sleek wrapping paper with a simple ribbon.

D-styles aren't so worried about the gift wrap itself, but the statement it can make. D-styles are competitive and like standing out. So, what better way to make a bold statement than to bring the most or biggest presents!

I-style gifters

Casual woman shopping bags isolated over a white background

Their gift-wrapping style is vibrant and attention-grabbing like the bright and emotional I-style. I-styles love colorful and playful wrapping paper, along with embellishments like ribbons, bows, and glitter. I-styles bring fun and sparkle, sometimes literally, to their gift-wrapping.

The gift wrap may even compete for attention with the gift inside. Their aim is to create visually appealing packages that reflect their personality. And, oh their excitement for you to open their gift and be as happy as they are giving it to you!

S-style gifters

woman with a gift isolated over a white background

S-styles are calm and amiable. Their gift-wrapping style is warm and thoughtful, often incorporating personal touches. They prefer soothing colors, quality materials like handcrafted paper. They may include handwritten notes or personalized tags to add thoughtfulness to the gift.

They will spend a lot of time finding the right gift wrap alongside selecting a thoughtful gift and wrapping it in a way you will likely appreciate. They will modestly deflect from any appreciation of their efforts; preferring you to take center stage.

C-style gifters 

Christmas present wrapped in blue with golden stars and ribbon C-styles tend to be more detail-oriented and organized. Their gift-wrapping style is precise and meticulous. They pay attention to every detail, ensuring perfect folds, straight lines, and symmetrical bows. They prefer classic and elegant wrapping paper, reflecting their desire for perfection.

You do you

Gift wrapping allows us to express our styles. Whether you identify with D-styles (Dominance), I-styles (Influence), S-styles (Steadiness), or C-styles (Conscientiousness), your gift-wrapping choices reveal unique aspects of who you are. 

At the end of the day, you have all styles and can exhibit all behaviors. What your DISC style identifies are the styles that are natural and most comfortable to you and the styles which take energy and do not feel natural to you. Your DISC style is not about your ability to do anything; rather, it's about your preference for doing things. So, wrap those presents any way you want and enjoy the art of gift-wrapping!

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser