Using the Communication Strategy Reinforcement Workbook

The Communication Strategy Reinforcement Report is a simple and practical way to improve interactions with a specific person.


Profiles: Describing the Relationship of the 4 DISC Styles

The Extended DISC® Profiles are easy to debrief, but there is even more understanding in the Profile graphs.


Pushback: When Your Client Disagrees

How can we best handle client pushback on DISC results?


Do DISC Profiles Look the Same in the US, Canada, Singapore, and the UK?

Would you be able to recognize a DISC style, whether you're in Singapore, the UK, Canada, or the US?


Explaining the Behavioral Comfort Zone

Have you ever wanted a clear way to understand and explain the shaded Comfort Zone on the Extended DISC® Diamond?


Behavioral Action Plan: Setting Your Client Up for Success

Creating a practical behavioral action plan to achieve sustainable change improves your client's performance at work and in life.


Are You Using the Right DISC Provider?

Did you know that DISC tools are not all the same?


Reinforcement Reports: Keeping DISC Alive Post-Training

Are you looking for different ways to reinforce your DISC trainings?


Which DISC Style Makes the Best Leader?

Wouldn't it be ideal if we could use DISC to identify the best leaders?


Barry-Wehmiller Case Study


Barry-Wehmiller began in 1885 as a small midwestern-USA-based pasteurizer and bottle washer business. It has grown into a global supplier of manufacturing technology and services serving a diverse platform of industries: packaging, paper converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering and IT consulting.

In 1987 a robust acquisition strategy was launched that has brought

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