Using DISC to Become a Better Negotiator

We learn specific techniques in order to negotiate better, but we can also be more effective by modifying our behavioral style. Understanding DISC can help improve our negotiation style.


Using Extended DISC to Improve Customer Service

Many companies fail to deliver excellent customer service and end up losing customers to competitors. How can Extended DISC tools help?


Extended DISC® Work Pair Assessment

Ideally, as a pair or a couple, we would capitalize on our behavioral strengths and value our differences. The reality is often different. 


Carol: Your C-style co-worker

We seek out our C-style co-workers when we need a problem-solver; yet their nit-pickiness can irritate us. Understanding your C-style colleagues can help you to work better with them.


Sam: Your S-style co-worker

Our S-style co-workers are steady and dependable, but they can frustrate us with their resistance to change and indecisiveness. Can we work better with them by understanding their behavioral style?


Ian: Your I-style co-worker

I-style co-workers create a positive work environment, but they can also frustrate us with their disorganization. How does improving our understanding of I-styles help us to work better with them?


Diana: Your D-style co-worker

We all know or work with a D-style person. They view their job as a competition; to be the best. Improving our understanding of D-styles can help us work better with them.


Extended DISC Works With Ex-Prisoners on Communication Skills

Have you ever done something you regret? Think about the worst mistake you ever made.


Hurricane Preparedness: DISC Styles

You've just received an alert that your area is directly in Hurricane Jane's path; how will you and your team members' preparations differ?


What an Office Space Tells Us About DISC Styles

If you had the chance to design your ideal office space, what would it look like?

Would your office space be organized with a high-tech, filing system? Do you envision a large corner office on the top floor, complete with an oversized desk? How about thinking completely outside the box, and working remotely in a shady straw hut on a tropical beach?

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