You're a D-style?! Hey, I'm a D-style too!

As a DISC trainer, people often tell me their DISC styles. So, why am I sometimes doubtful when they tell me they're a D-style?


Don't Let Misconceptions Cloud Your Judgment

Preconceived views about others enable us to make quicker decisions in our interactions, but can also end up clouding our judgment.


DISC Can Help Reveal Why Others Annoy You

Have you ever noticed you “click” with some people; while others annoy you?


Using DISC to Help Land that First Job

How can DISC help young professionals turn a job interview into a job offer?


Extended DISC and the Healthcare Sector

Effective outcomes depend on how well we interact with our colleagues and our patients. DISC helps improve these interactions and ultimately, the outcomes.


How Can DISC Prepare Your Workplace for Gen Z?

Gen Zs are entering the workforce. Are you prepared for this newest generation?


DISC: Tailored for Financial Services

Did you know….Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications.


Why Does DISC Focus on Behaviors Versus Personality?

How often have you heard people interchange personality tests with behavioral assessments? Do you know the difference?


Furry, Four-legged Halloween Ghosts and Goblins

Happy Halloween! Here's a fun way to practice identifying DISC styles using our furry, four-legged, animal friends!


Fairfax County Case Study



Fairfax County government provides many services to the community it serves. The County government provides police, fire and rescue personnel; public transportation, health clinics, recreation centers, libraries and disposal facilities. 

The Organizational Development and Training Department is responsible for delivering training to 15,000 internal customers across

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