What's Your Holiday Party Style?

Dec 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Christina Bowser

What if I told you I could guess your DISC style by how you show up at holiday parties?

Yes it's that time again. For some of us, the holiday party is something to look forward to; a time we get to shine and socialize. For others, the holiday party is met with dread; we're already thinking, "I'd rather be somewhere else."

The Escape Artist: why I am even here?

Solitary woman at party tableDo you avoid parties at all costs because they mentally and physically drain your energy? Social mingling with crowds of strangers and colleagues are excruciating especially if you need to make small talk. Do you prefer to observe rather than mingle? Does the thought of being home, enjoying a glass of wine in solitude, sound way more appealing? Are you rather quiet or prefer listening, but force yourself to say something every now and then? Do you quietly make your way to the outer perimeter of the activities or find a small quiet table? Are you comfortable being with one or two people you know at a safe and quieter distance?

If you must show up, you'd rather be around people who can talk about shared and meaningful topics. Now, if you've found that someone who shares the same interests, then it may not turn out to be a bad evening. Are you gradually, or not so gradually, inching your way around the outside of the room, toward the exit? You've put in your obligatory appearance, and before long, quietly go on your way.

If you are the Escape Artist then you're likely a C-style.

The Seeker: where's someone I know?!

people-mingling-at party Are you the one who walks in already scoping the room for a familiar face? Perhaps, you've already made plans to meet up with your coworker at a designated time and place. Do you head directly for that familiar face in the large crowd filled with strangers?

You prefer small gatherings with family, friends, and colleagues where you have opportunities to further your connection. You find large parties can cause anxiety, but once you find your "people" you tend to relax and your friendly side comes out. You prefer small or one-on-one interactions, and would rather be doing something with your close circle. People who know you describe you as fun to be around and easy to talk to.

You may find these parties to be superficial, with other's need to impress and pressure to be social with strangers. However, you do enjoy being around people and will have a fun time, but you don't want to be the center of attention. Parties can be fun, but draining. You like engaging people, but in moderation. You do love the opportunity to bond and socialize with your close contacts in a non-working environment. You're happiest when you are invited to a smaller intimate party with familiar colleagues and friends. You usually come across as warm and friendly, but not excitable or animated like your I-style coworkers.

At the end of the night, you might be leaving earlier than some because it's time to go home and recharge in the sanctuary of your home and your family.

If this sounds like you then you're an S-style.

The Life of the Party: I'm here!!!

Small group of younger people eating pizza and having funLet's get the party started! Holiday season means time to socialize and have fun! In fact, you might even take the lead and host the party. You don't try to be the center of attention, but it somehow always happens. You live to make others happy. If the party was loud, chaotic, with a positive atmosphere, it means a the party was a success. You rarely turn down an invite because down time to recharge is not something you need.

People know that when you show it, the party will ramp up. You come across as charismatic, engaging, and entertaining. You love to talk and enjoy meeting new people and chatting with familiar ones; all are opportunities for social interactions.

You're are naturally good at entertaining others. People often enjoy being around you as much as you enjoy being around them. Unexpected or spontaneous events, as well as embarrassing situations are usually fine as long as you're going the extra mile to make people laugh. People would describe you as a born entertainer, having a great personality, or even the life of the party. You know how to have fun and create a party atmosphere. You thrive in an environment that lets you shine.

In fact, you may use your large social network to influence and promote your ideas. While others, may see the party as a necessary stop before they can go home and recharge, you see the party itself as a great way to recharge and get a start on your weekend!

If this sounds like you then you're an I-style.

The Networker: what opportunities can I seize upon?

Exchanging Business-Cards

Do you work hard and play hard? Are parties a chance to network with important or influential people that might be there? You may socialize and have discussions as an opportunity to talk about your accomplishments and what major projects you are working on. Are appearances important to your ambitions?

Has there been a time you may have been called a little insensitive, but you're really just "telling it like it is." Arguing, for you, is fun; you see it as just another way to communicate and it gets your point heard. You engage in loud discussions about your projects and your accomplishments. You're arguing over what is the best car or which NFL team is going to win the Super Bowl this year; either way it's the thrill of the competition.

You may come up with some far-fetched ideas about future or current endeavors, but in a strongly convincing way. If you get bored at the party or the interaction, you will simply move on or check out.

If this sounds like you then you're a D-style.

Using DISC at your next holiday party

BS-Work-Party-1-900x601The Extended DISC® Assessment increases our self-awareness. It helps to predict how we to do things or in this case, how we tend to show up at our holiday party. We can then make better decisions, even practice behaviors, that we feel would make us more successful in those situations.

So the next time you show up to the company holiday event, take a breath, and implement one thing you've consciously thought about doing that pushes yourself outside your comfort zone. If you're used to "working the room" then try slowing down and having a friendly chat. If you're used to greeting and hugging everyone; remember personal space. How about talking to one person you haven't yet been introduced to and practice identifying their main DISC style?

DISC helps you identify DISC styles of others so you can interact more effectively with them; whether it's from a business or social perspective. Let's say you see someone who appears more reserved, maybe a better way to engage them is by slowing down and speaking with a softer voice. If you identify someone as a D-style then you try toning down the chatter and picking up the pace. All in all, DISC can make your holiday party more enjoyable and more successful.

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser