Team Sales Process Summary Report

27 Aug, 2020 / by Christina Bowser

The Team Sales Process Summary Report is part of the FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment Suite.

The Team Sales Process Summary Report describes how your team members adjust to the main requirements needed for each stage in the Sales Process Model.

The Sale ProcessSale Process Flow Chart

There is no ideal sales process; every market and business situation requires different approaches. In this team report we use a very commonly accepted description of a sales process. In addition, each step of the sales process may not carry equal weight to your own processes. You should use the elements that work best for your business model.

The Sales Process divides into two steps, the Pre Step and the Post Step. The Pre Step covers the every stage up to closing the first deal. It is further broken down into four stages: Lead Evaluation, Initial Contact, Face-to-Face, and Closing. The Post Step emcompasses the stages after closing the first deal: Piloting, Maintenance, and Expansion.

Understanding the results

FinxS Team Sales Process Summary Report Sample page

The team report is 7 pages. Each page focuses on one stage of the Pre and Post Steps. Your team members are identified by their Sales Process-Competence score. The red, yellow, and green color scale provides a quick and simple way to identify each member's benchmark ranking. High and low benchmark scores are further described in detail.

The sample page above highlights the Maintenance Stage. Ten team members score in the upper green section of the scale. Their high scores indicate they are likely to find it easy to adjust to the Maintenance Stage of the Sales Process. They build trust, proactively support their clients, and create lasting client relationships.

On the other hand, five team members score in the lower red section. These members will find it difficult to support their clients and let their clients control the sales process. They do not show interest in their clients' needs and are impatient when supporting them is necessary.

Why use this report?

The Team Sales Process Summary Report, once you've determined your critical Sales Process stages, identifies team members' relevant competence scores. You have supportive information to make better hiring decisions. How can you match your candidates to the right sales process stage? You can reorganize and assign team members to match the job roles to the specific stages of the sales process.

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser