Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips

From petty squabbles over where to order lunch or who had which file last, conflict in your workplace can derail your efforts and destroy your productivity. Even worse, a workplace with too much conflict is simply not an ideal place to spend time. In fact, if conflict resolution isn't utilized then the discord will fester and not be properly resolved.  It can result in poor morale, high


We are More than Our DISC Profiles

According to the DISC theory you are classified as one of 4 DISC profiles. You may be the driven D-Style, the social I-Style, the steady S-Style, or the analytical C-Style. However, we are more complex and multi-dimensional than what a single DISC style can describe us as.


Re-framing Our View on Opposite DISC Styles

We tend to focus on the negatives when dealing with DISC styles opposite our own. Instead of focusing on what irritates us, how about re-framing and recognizing the positives those DISC profiles bring to our lives?

I think back to my first real job and my first boss. We started off awkwardly. I was inexperienced and nervous. She were a new business owner and stressed. We interacted


DISC Assessments: Why Imagine Ourselves at Work?

Why do you need to imagine yourself at work when answering the DISC questions? I'm sure you'll recognize the most obvious reason; DISC assessments are most often workplace based.

However, does taking DISC Assessments while focused on your workplace directly impact your results? For example, what if I'm a college student taking the DISC assessment? Do I have to think of an imaginary workplace


DISC Profiles: Food for Thought!

Recently, I traveled to Singapore to conduct a two-day DISC certification. I love doing DISC trainings and talking about DISC profiles, but add travel and food to the agenda and I'm in total heaven!

If you're wondering..."how can you relate DISC profiles to travelling and eating in Singapore," just bear with me and I'll explain.

I'm always looking for the best places to get a great meal. 


DISC Communication Beyond Face-to-Face

People may assume DISC only applies to face-to-face interactions. However, that would exclude using DISC in written communications and phone interactions. Luckily, it's not true! DISC communication goes beyond face-to-face interaction.

Mastering DISC communication starts with a few basic steps. The key to DISC self-awareness and identifying DISC styles of others is to practice. Once you start


Finding DISC Test Resistance? Get Everyone Onboard

Use of the DISC test in your workplace can lead to better understanding and interactions between your team. However, you may encounter resistance and misunderstanding during the process.

Just hearing the term "test" in the DISC test can create anxiety and resistance in different people. Your team is made up a diverse group of personalities. Each of your employees have their own way of thinking


Does DISC Apply Across Cultures?

As a DISC trainer, I've been asked if DISC applies across different cultures. If so, how does it correlate to culture?

There is a link between DISC and cultures, but it may not be as clear as we think. Does where you live or your cultural background influence your DISC profile? Are the behaviors that we observe in all D-styles similar and recognizable? Is there any difference between a D-style


Your Remote Team and DISC Assessments

Allowing the right team members to work remotely from home has some well documented benefits. In fact, using a remote team can lead to lower overall costs and increased productivity.

Hence, a manager needs to choose the best remote team members for the required work and support them properly. What makes someone an ideal candidate for working from home or a satellite location, what support do


Intro DISC Webinar: What is DISC? Nov. 14th

Join our HRCI/SHRM recertification approved webinar, "What is DISC?" on November 14, 2017.

HRCI/SHRM recertification approved webinar overview

Join Extended DISC senior trainers, Wilma Stephens and Christina Bowser as they present a one hour introduction to DISC. Learn how you can bring DISC into your New Employee orientation, team workshops, leadership training, communication workshops, to

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