DISC Trainer Meets Lyft Driver: DISC Training 24/7

My job is being a DISC trainer, but sometimes I'm happy to be reminded how powerful DISC is to my own daily interactions.

One of the perks of being a DISC trainer is getting to meet new people. Sometimes, I even get to travel and meet new people. Here, I was on the road in Indiana.


Extended DISC Original Money Jar Winner from HRSouthwest 2017 is....

The Extended DISC Original Money Jar Winner from HRSouthwest 2017 is....

Adam Cravens with Liberty Mutual! Adam guessed the correct Extended DISC original money jar amount of $796 at HRSouthwest 2017!


5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Losing employees is expensive, but it also causes disruption and can lower morale for your remaining employees.

The more you do to improve your workplace morale and keep your team positive and satisfied, the less likely you are to experience a lot of turnover or churn from your best talent.


Identifying DISC Styles of Others

One of the strengths of the DISC Model is identifying DISC styles of others. Learn 3 simple steps to improve your observation skills.

You will need to practice identifying DISC styles of others, but it's a skill that is easy to learn. In doing so, you can adjust your style appropriately to improve your interactions.


Join Extended DISC® at the HRSouthwest Conference in Fort Worth, TX from Oct. 1-4!

Extended DISC® will be at at the HRSouthwest Conferenceat the Forth Worth Convention Center from October 1-4!

Extended DISC® offers customizable, online DISC assessments for leadership, sales, customer service, team and communication training. Our Unlimited Use DISC License allows you to use an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed fee. Our Public and Virtual Certification options are


DISC Coaching Session: Client Pushback

Have you ever watched your clients reviewing their results during a DISC coaching session? You'll likely see them nodding their heads, as if in agreement with results. Suddenly, they stop reading.

As coaches and managers, you may encounter clients who disagree with a certain section of their DISC reports. What's the best way to manage pushback during a DISC coaching session? How can you


Behavioral Action Plan: Coaching Your Client to Success

What’s the next step now that you’ve reviewed your client’s DISC report or Sales Competence Assessment? Start on a Behavioral Action Plan to take your client to the next level of success.

The goal of the Behavioral Action Plan is to identify and list key behaviors your client can modify to achieve their goals. It helps your client create a planned series of steps. However, the steps should not


The High Cost of Employee Turnover

While turnover is another part of managing workers, there is stress, and a cost in time and money.

You’ve gotten the cake, had the farewell party and are looking for a replacement. Now, it's time to find a replacement.  Have you stopped to think about the true cost of your team's turnover? Replacing quality talent takes time and costs money; you’ll need to find, hire and on-board the


DISC Styles Under Pressure: Escape Room Challenge

Have you ever tried an Escape Room challenge? They are adventure strategy games with time limits, where escaping wins the game. If you've ever tried it, you'll see DISC styles under pressure!

What better setting to show DISC styles under pressure than to be locked in a room with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers? Our team of six took on the challenge, but what was really in store


Free DISC Webinar: What is DISC? Sep. 19th

Join our HRCI/SHRM recertification approved webinar, "What is DISC?" The webinar is free and open to everyone.

Webinar overview

If you haven't previously attended our What is DISC? webinar, please join Extended DISC senior facilitators, Wilma Stephens and Christina Bowser, as they present a free one-hour introduction to DISC. Learn how you can bring DISC into your workshops, leadership training,

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