Shopping during the holidays: ­DISC Explained

How is DISC related to how you prefer to do your holiday shopping?


Santa and His Elves: DISC in the North Pole

Santa's elves are as diverse as any group. How will the Dominant, Influence, Steady and Compliant personalities play out in Santa's Workshop?


DISC Profiles: Can I Trust the Results?

It should always be the first question you ask when you receive DISC assessment results.


What's Your Holiday Party Style?

What if I told you I could guess your DISC style by how you show up at holiday parties?


DISC Profiles: 6 Basic Profile Types

What are the 6 Basic Profile Types?

Ninety nine percent of all individuals who take the Extended DISC Assessment are a combination of DISC styles. The Basic Profile Types describe the 6 DISC profiles that are a combination of two DISC styles. They are the second most common profile type, following profiles with three DISC styles. They are DI/ID, SC/CS, IS/SI, DC/CD, DS/SD and IC/CS. The order


Asking or Telling: Which really is better?

I recently noticed an Instagram post on how to be more polite; in other words, stop "telling" and start "asking."


DISC Profiles: the Opposite Styles

Have you ever heard of Opposite DISC Profiles? The majority of us have not.


DISC Profiles: 3 DISC Styles Above the Line


When Different DISC Styles Plan a Trip Together

They say you really don't know someone until you've traveled with them, or in my case, planned a trip together.


Why Use DISC in My Organization?

Find out what a DISC assessment is and the top reasons to use it to use DISC in your organization.

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