Have you Implemented Your Communication Strategy Yet?

Two young businesswomen having a meeting in the office sitting at a desk having a discussion with focus to a young woman wearing glasses-1

You can help your clients improve their interactions by creating a planned series of behavioral adjustments. 


How Athletic Coaches and CEOs are Similar

Coach with boys high school Basketball team

Athletic coaches and CEOs both want to be successful and win; which requires information about their team members to make better decisions; that's where DISC can help.


What Does an Invalid Result Mean?

Question mark on computer screen held by male worker

The results of the DISC assessment were invalid. Now what are you supposed to do?


Shopping during the holidays: ­DISC Explained

Happy group of women Christmas shopping at the mall

How is DISC related to how you prefer to do your holiday shopping?


Santa and His Elves: DISC in the North Pole

Elf on a shelf sitting on presents

Santa's elves are as diverse as any group. How will the Dominant, Influence, Steady and Compliant personalities play out in Santa's Workshop?


DISC Profiles: Can I Trust the Results?

Man's hands holding Validation hologram

It should always be the first question you ask when you receive DISC assessment results.


What's Your Holiday Party Style?

people-mingling-at party

What if I told you I could guess your DISC style by how you show up at holiday parties?


DISC Profiles: 6 Basic Profile Types

Extended DISC Diamond I Sell - I Execute

What are the 6 Basic Profile Types?

Ninety nine percent of all individuals who take the Extended DISC Assessment are a combination of DISC styles. The Basic Profile Types describe the 6 DISC profiles that are a combination of two DISC styles. They are the second most common profile type, following profiles with three DISC styles. They are DI/ID, SC/CS, IS/SI, DC/CD, DS/SD and IC/CS. The order of


Asking or Telling: Which really is better?

Telling vs Asking

I recently noticed an Instagram post on how to be more polite; in other words, stop "telling" and start "asking."


DISC Profiles: the Opposite Styles

Business people reviewing construction plans in front of building

Have you ever heard of Opposite DISC Profiles? The majority of us have not.