DISC Can Help Reveal Why Others Annoy You


Have you ever noticed you “click” with some people; while others annoy you?

Why is it that some people irritate us and get under our skin, while other people don’t? I'm going to challenge you to think about it. Take a minute and look around you. Is there anyone in your work setting that irritates you? What is it specifically about that person that annoys you?

Can Learning DISC Really Help Others Listen To Me Better?

Creative team going over contact sheets in meeting in office with whiteboard

Why don't people listen to me?


Love My Job...My Coworkers Not So Much

2 Frustrated Difficult coworkers at desk

Our interactions with our coworkers help determine our professional success. What happens when those interactions are not optimal?


DISC Profiles: Food for Thought!

Recently, I traveled to Singapore to conduct a two-day DISC certification. I love doing DISC trainings and talking about DISC profiles, but add travel and food to the agenda and I'm in total heaven!

If you're wondering..."how can you relate DISC profiles to travelling and eating in Singapore," just bear with me and I'll explain.

I'm always looking for the best places to get a great meal. 


Discovering How Not to Overuse Your Strengths

The strengths of your DISC-style can hinder your success. Learn skills to capitalize on your style’s strengths while working on your development areas.

Don't Overuse Your Strengths


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