FinxS® Management 52 Tool: Developing Managers into Leaders

20 Oct, 2022 / by Christina Bowser

Could you use critical data to support your manager's development? Then FinxS® Management 52 is for you.

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The FinxS® Management 52 tool helps your managers better understand themselves as leaders. The tool clearly identifies the strengths and development areas in 52 management competences to provide relevant information to successful performance.

52 competences sound like a lot, but don't panic! You have the option to select only the competences you want to evaluate! This enables you and your manager to focus only on the ones that impact current performance. You can identify and better use their strengths and also, identify their challenges to move forward and develop further.

How it works

Management 52 Competences

It's easy to administer and starts with a brief 10-minute questionnaire. You can generate a wealth of information to use now or later on. Each competence report provides an easy-to-understand match percentage on a 0-100% scale. The reports are intuitive and do not require training to interpret.

You can choose the Executive Summary Report or select focused Management Competence Reports. The Executive Summary Report provides all 52 management competences with definitions, and the individual's match scores.

You also have the option of choosing one Management Competence. How natural or not natural it is for the individual with a specific competence. The competence in the Report is clearly defined and further broken into 15 specific behaviors all correlating to the competence.

Developing managers into leaders

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FinxS® Management 52 is powerful and intuitive leadership and management development tool. It is ideal for managers, VPs, Directors, C-level leaders, and business owners. Trainers and coaches have valuable information, guidance, and discussion topics; making it easier to hone in on specific areas to focus on.

For example, let's take a look at Conflict Resolution, one of the 52 management competences. You can see, in the example above, it's first clearly defined and followed by 15 specifically related behaviors. Individual behavioral scores of -3 and below are considered challenging and less natural. Scores greater than 3 tend to be the person's behavioral strength and feel more natural.

Each behavior is scored on the 0 - 100% match percentage scale. The scores for each behavior are compiled and averaged to create an Overall Competence Match Percentage. In the example, when it comes to Conflict Management, this person has an overall match percentage of 23%. Thereby, Conflict Resolution typically is not an area that is comfortable for this person. However, a coaching session may zero in which of the 15 specific behaviors have the most impact on their productivity, enabling you to create a clearer path to success.

Tips and takeaways

FinxS Management 52 This is not an indicator of how successful the person can be nor does the results limit what they can accomplish. They simply provide a starting point on how to make better decisions and develop oneself.

Remember, the report describes the behaviors which tend to feel more natural and comfortable versus those behaviors which tend to take more energy. The results do not directly reflect the person's ability to do anything. Rather, it reflects their preference to it. Skills can be acquired. Behaviors can be modified.

So, are you ready to get started?

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser