Our DISC Style Impacts How We View the World

One of the things that people really like about the DISC model is that it is completely non-judgmental. There are no good or bad categories. There are no high or low scores. Each DISC style is not better or worse. They are simply different.

DISC assessment does not make judgments


Finnish National Basketball Team Surpass Comfort Zone With DISC

Finland's National Mens Basketball Team and Extended DISC begin their 2nd decade of successful collaboration. More and more sports teams get out of their comfort zones and achieve better results with DISC Assessments.

The Wolf Pack is on the Rise


Recruiting to Your DISC Development Areas

Similar styles may work well together, but that doesn't necessarily build successful outcomes. To achieve performance improvement we must focus on recruiting to strengthen DISC development areas.

How Managers Are Hiring


Key to Managing Millennials for Managers


Attracting, motivating, and managing Millennials requires more than sprinkling employment ads with promises of fun and flexibility. Managers need to understand how this workforce group is different from previous ones.


Guest: Markku Kauppinen, president and CEO of Extended DISC North America Inc., helps executives make better decisions about their employees, teams, and


Managing Stress for the Different DISC Styles


This 30 minute webinar focuses on the causes and signs of stress for different DISC-styles. More importantly, learn tips for managing stress for all styles.

DISC Styles and stress

Individuals are unique and respond differently to stress and pressure. Stress is a part of every day life. We are constantly in situations where we deal with people, changes, surprises and daily life. The topic of


Webinar: Extended DISC vs. DISC

Have you ever thought about or been asked, “what’s the difference between Extended DISC and DISC?”

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT


Extended DISC Resources Webinar


Discover the many resources available in our Extended DISC Resources Webinar. Take it one step better by getting tips on how to best use them. Learn how to access written resources, power points, training exercises, the client resource web portal, and so much more!

Where to start with DISC resources

Taylor Warrick, Sales and Customer Service Manager, and Christina Bowser, Senior Trainer


Discovering How Not to Overuse Your Strengths

The strengths of your DISC-style can hinder your success. Learn skills to capitalize on your style’s strengths while working on your development areas.

Don't Overuse Your Strengths


Olympic Athletes Win Gold in Communicating

Diverse groups can create bonds and friendships that go beyond communicating in their native language.

Olympic Athletes Show Us How to Communicate


Overusing Strengths of DISC Style


In this 30 minute webinar you will discover how overusing strengths of your DISC-style can hinder your success. Learn skills to capitalize on your behavioral style while improving on your development areas.

Don’t Overuse Your Strengths

Markku Kauppinen, CEO and Christina Bowser, Senior Trainer at Extended DISC North America Inc. sit down to talk about how overusing strengths of our DISC


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