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15 Jun, 2017 / by Halle Bolender

There isn't a better way to say 'I love you, Dad,' than by giving him an Extended DISC assessment so that he can learn his DISC personality type! Your father will gain a better understanding of himself, and even learn how to adjust his behavior with others!

Okay, so the beginning of this blog may have sounded like a cheesy ad to sell you a DISC assessment. I promise, this blog is not intended to sell. It is important to understand the natural way you prefer to do things. It is also important to understand the natural style of others. Understanding the DISC personality type of yourself and others will help you adjust your behaviors. Adjusting your behaviors will enhance communication, decision-making, teamwork and so much more. Out of all of the important things I have just previously mentioned, the most important thing of all is to understand the DISC personality type of your dad!

Why I wasn't surprised by the DISC personality type of my dad.

About a year ago I went through an DISC Certification session. After the session, I was eager to figure out the DISC styles of those I was closest to; especially my dad. After working at Extended DISC for an entire year, I had only my observations to base my guess for my dad's DISC style on. To inspire me to write this blog, I asked my dad to take our DISC assessment. He was eager to help.

When I received my father's DISC assessment, I was happy to see that my gut feeling of what his DISC personality would be was correct all along. My dad has always been a funny, outgoing person who I would say is a 'go-getter'. From my many examples in my mind, I knew for certain by dad fit the I-Style Personality Type. From the assessment I received, I also learned his natural DISC profile included the D-Style Personality Type. This came to no surprise to me as well.

It is important to remember that when thinking of someone and trying to figure out their DISC profile, an individual can possess a combination of DISC profiles. For example, my father is a 'DI' DISC profile, whereas I am an 'IS' DISC profile. Everyone also has all four DISC styles represented in their behaviors too! It may just take more effort for some DISC styles to show up in your behaviors.

What DISC Personality type is your father?

Need some assistance in figuring out the DISC style of your dad? The infographic below helps you put the pieces together to give you a clearer idea on his DISC personality type.

DISC Personality Type

As mentioned earlier, your dad, or anyone in general doesn't always fit into only one of the four DISC profiles. Anyone can be a combination of them! If you know your DISC style already, you can learn how to successfully communicate with your father by adjusting your behaviors. I know this definitely would have come in handy when I was under 'his roof' growing up. This may also come in handy for all of the hard-working dads reading this blog too! If you are a father reading this blog today, I hope you found out a little more about your DISC personality type, and Happy Father's Day to you!


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Halle Bolender

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