Sales Theory: Not Exciting, But It Works!

Sales theory breaks down the continuum of a sales job. So, how does that help you?


DISC and Learning Styles: Do They Connect?

Have you ever wondered if learning styles can be applied to DISC? 


Ask Extended DISC: Answering Commonly Asked Questions

What are some of the most commonly asked questions about DISC?


The Growth Mindset Podcast DISC Interview

Extended DISC interview on the Growth Mindset Podcast!


Tips for Debriefing DISC Assessments Virtually

Current times challenge us to be more innovative and adaptive in how we debrief DISC assessments.


My Self-Study Workbook

How can a self-study workbook, based on your DISC style, help you build on your success?


An Introduction to The Extended DISC® Assessments Admin Site Features

The Extended DISC® Assessments platform for data processing has many benefits, but how do you know where to begin or what to utilize?


Extended DISC® Model: What the tool does and does not measure

DISC tools are commonly used to enhance workplace communication, but do you actually know what DISC does and doesn't measure?

DISC is a powerful tool because it is easily understood and practical to use. Most of us don't need to know the methodology behind it; we just want to know if we can trust the results. However, if you're curious as to what the Extended DISC® Tool measures and doesn't


How Can DISC Prepare Your Workplace for Gen Z?


Gen Zs are entering the workforce. Are you prepared for this newest generation?

Is Gen Z Real?

We've all heard of millennials. But who is Gen Z? Well, Gen Z is the generation right after millennials. And, it may surprise you to know they have started entering the workforce. Data suggests that by 2020 this generation will outnumber the millennials. They will make up 40% of the working and

Furry, Four-legged Halloween Ghosts and Goblins

Halloween Dog-In-Ghost-Costume-with sign

Happy Halloween! Here's a fun way to practice identifying DISC styles using our furry, four-legged, animal friends!

Halloween is upon us! We dress up to attend costume parties or hand out treats. Our kids transform into super heroes, witches, wizards, or pumpkins. Our whole family may join in, including our pooches. Let's look at DISC using our trick-or-treating pups!