What Questions DISC Profiles Ask

Apr 11, 2017 11:52:32 AM / by Christina Bowser

We are successful because we ask all kinds of questions. However, there are certain questions DISC profiles tend to ask.

A simple yet effective way to identify a person's DISC profile is to observe their behaviors. Think about the words they use or the body language when you are interacting with them. Also, consider the questions DISC profiles ask.

Why focus on questions DISC profiles ask?

We interact more effectively when we are more aware of our DISC style or how we prefer to communicate. However, we can be even more effective in communicating if we are also aware of other's DISC styles. When we are more self-aware and know how the other person prefers to relate then we can make conscious decisions on how to better adjust and interact. Identifying DISC styles by the questions they ask can be a very useful tool in this process.

Questions DISC Styles ask

D-Styles ask the "What" questions

D-styles are direct, goal focused, quick, and decisive. They tend to think of themselves individualistically. Therefore, D-styles tend to ask questions that affect them directly. They do not want a lot of details, but just the facts they need to know. D-styles will ask questions like, "what's the bottom line?" or "what's in it for me?".

I-styles ask the "Who" questions

I-styles are social, energetic, and talkative. They like to be liked and also to be the center of attention. I-styles prefer to focus on interactions over tasks. They are all about the people so it makes sense that they prefer to ask the "who" questions. I-styles tend to ask questions like, "who's going to be at this meeting?" or "who else is using this?".

S-styles ask the "How" questions

S-styles are reserved and prefer to have as much understanding as possible before making decisions. They will ask a lot of questions to make sure the decision is right for them, but also for the people close to them. S-styles tend to ask the "how" questions. For example, they ask "how are we doing to do this?" or "how is this going to impact us?". Do you notice that S-styles not only ask the "how" questions, but they tend to ask questions in plural form?

C-styles ask the "Why" questions

C-styles are analytical and reserved. They want to know as many facts and data as possible to make the correct decision. C-styles are cautious and will ask a lot of questions. They tend to ask the "why" questions like "why does it work this way?" and "why is that step necessary?".

A simple DISC tool to help you succeed

People in the shape of a question
We come in contact with people all day long. Finding a communication tool that is quick and simple to use will more likely become a tool we'd use on a daily basis. The next time you observe patterns of behaviors in people, think about what questions DISC profiles ask. Do they ask more questions that start with "what," "who," "how," or "why"? If you are aware of the question types then you have one more piece of information that helps you better identify the person. Ultimately, you can make appropriate adjustments to your own style to engage and interact with the person even more successfully!

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser