Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation

Jun 29, 2017 8:45:37 AM / by Christina Bowser

Most of us think DISC personality tests are all about work. We are more than likely to take the DISC Assessment in our work role, but how about using it to plan a DISC style vacation?

So, knowing what DISC is and how the various DISC personality types work is vital, but it can do more. Have you ever thought about how DISC can improve your life outside of work? You can use it to improve how you relate to everyone, including friends and family. You can even use it to help create a DISC style vacation everyone will enjoy!

Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation

Why DISC Tests go Beyond the Workplace

DISC tests are designed to help people get along better in groups. However, they are also useful in other real-life situations. Let's say you are planning a vacation. By knowing your DISC personality type, you can choose a better travel spot and setup. Unless you’re flying solo, you should consider the DISC profile types of your travel buddies as well. Can you start to see how you can plan your DISC style vacation?

What is your DISC Personality Type?

There are four DISC profile types, and most individuals show a clear preference for one style over the remaining three. Each has its own innate strengths and weaknesses. There is no one type is that is better than others. In fact, most of us are a blend of all four DISC types.

Many people think DISC measures your DISC personality type. In fact, DISC focuses on your behaviors. What is your most natural way of doing things or how do you prefer to go about the day? Behaviors may be hard to change, but you can do it to succeed.

The DISC Test

The online DISC test is quick and easy to complete. There are no right or wrong answers. The 24 questions ask you to choose your preferences. From there, we calculate your responses and identify your natural DISC profile type.

Understanding the key, primary traits of each DISC profile type can give you insight into your own behavior. In addition, you can use DISC to identify preferences of others. DISC assessments are used in identifying best-fit for job roles, for performance reviews, and for career counseling. They can also help you plan a successful getaway for your family or a group of friends. DISC types can be key to understanding what your driven D-style Dad needs to enjoy vacation alongside your social, outgoing I-style Mom.

Planning the Perfect DISC Style Vacation

DISC Style Vacations

A look inside each of the DISC types reveals the vacation experiences that would be most compelling and rewarding. It gives you a better idea of what to aim for as you plan a trip.

D is for Dominance

D-styles are often outspoken, direct, and focused on accomplishments. The D-style profile is happiest when they are calling the shots and planning the general activities. They may not be so interested in the details though. Checking things off the to-do list may be more important than the actual process or planning. They are competitive, individualistic, and high achieving. A D-style person tends to focus on results, outcomes, and always want so know, “What’s in it for me?” Fictional characters and real-life D styles include Han Solo, Captain Kirk, and Simon Cowell.

The D-Profile DISC Style Vacation

DISC style vacation D-profile on top of the mountain hands raised in victoryHigh-D folks actively seek adventure and exploration in every aspect of life. Vacations are no exception. This DISC style thrives on independence and picking their own activities. They’ll need plenty to do on vacation to keep them busy and happy. Lounging on the beach or by the pool may work for a while, but a D-profile person is going to enjoy activities and exploration more. They may prefer scuba diving, mountain climbing, and even exploring a new, foreign city on foot. They want to be in control or at least feel as if they are. Plan a D-style vacation that is active and provides him/her with a sense of accomplishment.

Since D-styles like to call the shots, trips with pre-planned group activities may not be the best match. Envision a trip with a tour guide who talks while you only listen, and leads you around where they want you to go. D-styles are likely to enjoy solo activities and trips or lead groups. D-styles may even gather groups of new friends and companions as they travel.

I is for Influence

I-styles are gregarious, social and like to be popular, I-profiles are happy in just about any group setting. Every situation is an opportunity to socialize. Want to rent a beach house and lounge around? An I-profile will be happy to hang out with the crowd and relax and chat the week away. These friendly, optimistic and inspiring I-styles love spending time with others. Followers naturally flock to the charismatic I-profile leader. Not surprisingly, many celebrities are I-styles, including Jay Leno and Melissa McCarthy.

The I-Profile DISC Style Vacation

DISC style vacation I-style friends on beach

These naturally friendly personalities prefer to travel in groups or at least, to places where they can meet others. If they are on solo trips they will rapidly form bonds with others they meet along the way. An I-profile individual is a natural match for any group trip. The journey and interactions are more important than the destination or goal of the trip.

An I-style person may not even want to do much advance planning; booking a room or flight might be enough to get the vacation started off right. Spontaneous and fun, I-profile vacationers will thrive in group activity settings. In addition, they will likely come home having made new friends on the road, from the Lyft driver to the yoga instructor at the spa.

S is for Steadiness

Calm and easy-going, S-style individuals can be relied on by friends and family. While they may not be shy, S-styles prefer to interact with people they are familiar with. Placing a heavy value on close friends and family, S-profiles value loyalty and fairness and are both reliable and stable.

In the workplace, S-profile workers excel at collaborating and cooperating with others. However, they may need others to delegate or outline tasks. Once they understand the task at hand and feel they can provide results, S-individuals are diligent hard workers and can be relied on to deliver results as promised. “Nice guy” real life S-profile personalities include England’s Princess Kate and comedy host Jimmy Fallon.

The S-Profile DISC Style Vacation

DISC style vacation S-profile family on beach

Since they prefer stability and security, returning to favorite places may be all an S-profile traveler needs to have a good time. An S-style may prefer to have the vacation all planned out, complete with reservations at familiar restaurants and a clear idea of what to expect. However, they prefer that everyone is in on making the decision and can avoid making decisions on their own.

Returning to the same destination year after year will appeal to an S-style; whether that destination is a theme park resort, a beloved timeshare or a cabin in the mountains. They just want to enjoy a familiar and secure setting with people who are close to them. Family travel is a natural match for the S-profile, as well as traveling with close friends. They’ll want to bring everyone along for the trip and they make pleasant and thoughtful travel companions.

C is for Correctness

Detail-oriented, reserved and analytical, C-profile individuals prefer working with facts and hold themselves and others to high standards. C-style people can spot errors and may expect others to do so as well; they can come across as picky or even overly critical of others. The innate desire to follow rules and meet their own high standards may make it difficult for C-style people to make instant decisions or be comfortable working under pressure.

While they may seem shy, C-style individuals are often just naturally reserved and introverted. Deliberation and control are important to these personality types and they make decisions based on logic and facts, not gut-feelings. A few fictional characters with classic High-C personalities include Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, Monica Geller from friends and Star Wars’ C-3P0 protocol droid.

The C-Profile DISC Style Vacation

DISC style vacation C-profile hiking alone

Want to have a truly planned out vacation? Hand the reigns to a C-style. They’ll thoroughly research your destination and discover everything from the ideal time to spot birds in the city park to the best way to navigate a crowded theme park (to take in as many rides as possible). These detailed planners delight in the pre-journey work, from booking the best hotels to planning out every aspect of the vacation itinerary.

Trips with an educational component, exploration of historic or significant sites and any place that requires extensive planning and scheduling will appeal to a C-style. “We’ll figure it out when we get there” is not something you’ll hear from this conscientious and careful planner.

DISC Types and Vacation Planning

Whether you’re planning an outing for a group of friends, colleagues at work or even your own family, understanding the different personality types can help you plan a trip everyone will love. Assigning jobs or perks to individuals based on their DISC type can help everyone enjoy the trip even more; have the friend who loves to plan work out the nitty-gritty details and even make sure everyone remembers their passports. Your I-style friends can bring along an extra companion or two and will happily double up if space is at a premium. S personality types will be happiest making return trips to known locations and can help choose the actual destination, while your D-profiles can lead you on an endless list of activities and things to accomplish once you arrive.

Understanding and incorporating DISC personality types into your trip and travel planning can ensure that everyone gets along and has a good time, even if the people making the trip have vastly different ideas of what that good time looks like. Learn more about the DISC personality test and discover the DISC profiles of your own team by visiting our site or getting in touch. We can help you uncover the hidden motivations and meanings behind your team's behavior and help you put the power of DISC to work for you.

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