Introducing Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

23 Sep, 2016 / by Christina Bowser


Ever thought about using DISC videos in your training? View the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar to learn how to build new resource tools into your practice.

Overview of Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

We have created a set of brand new training videos on DISC that are now available for you. In the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar Senior Trainer, Christina Bowser and Client Loyalty and Marketing Manager, Halle Bolender show a preview of Extended DISC's brand new DISC Training Video series.
The quick and fun videos are great ways to begin learning about DISC.  They work well as a way to remind workshop members after trainings and best of all, at only a few minutes long, you can easily present them on your websites and in your workshops.

Viewing the Training Videos

Accessing the videos is easy!  You can go to our website or simply click  on link new videos. On the Extended DISC home page you can also view "What is Extended DISC?" video which is a very short promo of the DISC reports.

The five new training videos are brief and multi-purpose.

Introduction to Extended DISC Video

Have you ever been asked, "What is DISC?" The intro video is a great place is answer that question. The video also explains why you should use DISC. The brief 3-minute video covers why you need to use DISC. Your client are shown an overview of the 4 Steps to Effective Communication.  This video is a great introduction to prospects.

Speaking in terms of D-I-S-C the video is great for targeting all styles. D-styles will like fact that it's short and to-the-point. I-styles will like it because it's fun and brief. S-styles and C-styles will know what to expect especially if shown before them come to your session.  Hence, get your participants excited and interested in learning more.

Extended DISC Style Videos

These 4 quick videos cover each D, I, S and C styles. What makes them ever better is the tie in to our support materials and the Extended DISC report itself. These videos engage new prospects and can create more interest in DISC.  Use the effectively in information/selling workshops, short training sessions.  They are also great as visual reinforcement once you have gone over the DISC styles.

One of the biggest values of the videos lies in their use in reinforcing DISC learning. Send the training video links as follow-up reminders. Clients and employees are reminded to keep DISC in the forefront even after sessions are done.

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser