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24 Aug, 2016 / by Christina Bowser


Discover the many resources available in our Extended DISC Resources Webinar. Take it one step better by getting tips on how to best use them. Learn how to access written resources, power points, training exercises, the client resource web portal, and so much more!

Where to start with DISC resources

Taylor Warrick, Sales and Customer Service Manager, and Christina Bowser, Senior Trainer highlight the DISC resource materials that can enhance your use of the Extended DISC Assessment tools. During the Extended DISC Resources webinar find what resources are best to get started and how to best incorporate them into your practice.

Written Support Resources Available

In the DISC Resources webinar we initially cover our written support materials. We show how you can use them with the Extended DISC Reports. Here are a few examples:

Our clients find the Extended DISC Overview Cards quick and handy. Use it as a take-away tool for reinforcing behavioral change. The Overview Cards provide targeted information to quickly identify and review the DISC-styles.  Each DISC style has brief topics including what is each style's primary focus, preferred environment, biggest fear, pressure response, limitations, and more. The cards do just what their title suggests, a great DISC style overview!

Need a practical and easy-to-use reinforcement tool? Quick Reference Cards ensures behaviors really do change. These laminated cards provides a speedy overview and tips on how to identify the four DISC Styles. In addition, learn the "Do’s and Don't's" when talking with the other styles. Finally, get specific tips on how to adjust your communication style with other DISC Styles. The Quick Reference cards are one of our most popular resources.

Self-Development Guide, also known as Four Steps to Effective Communication Guide, is a tool for everyone. The guide assists your clients and employees in getting the most of the Extended DISC® Reports. We even recommend it as a resource for trainers! Learn easy ways to practice and reinforce new skills. This go-to resource shows easy-to-use steps to modifying behaviors. You will not be filing away these useful, high-quality guides.

Additionally, our DISC Support Materials include the Facilitator's Guide, Taking Flight book, Coach's Playbook, Play and Learn Card game, posters, avatars, and more!

Brand new resources!

Introducing our DISC Notepads. Use these handy notepads simply as notepads or build them into workshop games and activities.

Last, but not least, our DISC Training Videos series have arrived! Training can be fun and effective with the right tools. Looking for something creative and interesting? Using these videos can ramp up the public's knowledge of DISC and improve the quality of your sessions. Learn key points of the four DISC Styles and the how to use DISC in work and everyday life. Need more on the new videos? Listen to our Introducing Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar.

Extended DISC VIP Client Resource Center

Did you know that being a client of Extended DISC allows you access to our VIP Client Resource Center? Need a sample reports, missed a webinar, or looking for a DISC power point?  Feel even more confident conducting a DISC workshop because you have all these materials available to you. We tour the site and highlight the places that good to go to first or used most often.  Click here to log in if you have a VIP User Account or contact us at +12812986073.

Final thoughts

Many clients share new ideas and training materials with us. Clients share their ideas, exercises, blogs, and training materials with us which we use to create new materials. Checking our website, VIP Clients Resource Center, and being on our email list helps you to stay current.

In addition the DISC Resources Webinar, you can find more webinars, resources, and videos on our website www.ExtendedDISC.org

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Christina Bowser

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