DISC Yearbook Quotes: What Would Your DISC Style Write?

25 May, 2017 / by Halle Bolender

Remember how exciting it was to receive your yearbook at the end of the school year? Did your school hold the tradition of writing friends a farewell in your yearbook? If you did, try to remember what you used to write to your friends. Did it reflect your DISC style?

Whether it was a signature or a long note from a friend, I still feel nostalgic looking through the pages of my old yearbooks with my classmates' farewells. I remember what I used to write in my friends' yearbooks: usually a long note going on about how happy I was to grow so close to them, and hopefully we would be friends forever! Even back then, my DISC style came out in what I would be writing to my classmates. My DISC style is still reflected in my writing today. Thinking about it now, what would your DISC style write in your classmates' yearbooks today? Does it match what you would've written then?

What would your DISC style write in a yearbook today?

The infographic below shows an example for each DISC profile type as to what they might write in a yearbook. Do you think your DISC style matches the quotes below?

What would your DISC style write in a yearbook today?

Even if you disagree with some of the DISC yearbook quotes above and are saying, "I wouldn't write that," think about how the quotes reflect the behaviors of the DISC styles. D-Styles first, would keep their quote concise. D's like to take risks and get things done quickly. This short quote, encouraging you to take risks, reflects the characteristics of a D-Style. The lengthy I-Style quote already shows the behavior of the very outgoing, talkative I-profile. At the end of the quote, the I-Style promises to keep in touch, which supports their tendency to over-promise! The S-Style quote reflects the S-profile's characteristic of being resistant to change. Change can be difficult for S-Styles to accept. Lastly, the C-Style quote reflects the analytical behavior of the C-profile, who can spot mistakes and typos easily! They may even intentionally look for them!

Putting all yearbook notes to your friends aside, your DISC style is reflected in your everyday behavior. Look at your emails, your texts, and your social media posts. Does your DISC style come out in what you write? If you have interesting examples, share them!

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Halle Bolender

Written by Halle Bolender