Selling Knives? Consider My DISC Buying Style First

Aug 2, 2017 5:00:46 AM / by Christina Bowser

Have you ever considered how people make decisions on when and if they will buy something? How can knowing someone's DISC buying style help you close a deal?

We all have preferred ways of doing things. Specifically, people have preferred ways of making decisions when it comes to buying something. Knowing someone's DISC buying style simply reminds you that you can better control the sales process by adapting your sales style. Some DISC types want a direct just tell me what I need to know approach. Other DISC profiles want assurance or data to be able to make the correct decision. If you can find what motivates your prospect to purchase, then you will become much more successful at closing that deal.

Scenario of a Sales Call Gone Wrong

So, last week I realized my phone was acting up. Who knew you were supposed to power down your phone at least once a week? Stop the eye rolling. Once that happened, all of my missing voicemails popped up. Yes, I'm popular with my dentist and sales people.

Door to door salesman ready to identify DISC Buying Styles

One was from someone I didn't know, but a close friend had given him my number. Thanks close friend. I decided to go ahead and call him back to hear what he had to say. Turns out he's a college student selling fancy knives. Do they actually still do that? Well, after a long backstory about saving for college and no pressure, which I'll spare you, he assured me there's nothing I had to really do. I didn't even have to buy the knives! He only needed to do a quick home presentation to earn credits.

I didn't need knives, but I do have a soft spot for kids so I listened. It wouldn't hurt too much to help him out right? I couldn't see him this week, but  I told him to try me next week when my schedule wasn't so crazy. Couldn't was like a trigger word. He launched into direct sales attack, pressuring me to nail down a time and place. He wouldn't let it go. I had enough and told him I was doing a favor for a friend, but it wasn't going to work out and ended the call.

Door to door salesman selling perfume

How Knowing My DISC Buying Style Could've Helped You

How did it go from furthering your sales process, to getting shut down? You're probably in your first real job and you've eagerly absorbed the sales training. You are hyped and ready to sell!

This is what I wish I had the opportunity to tell you. Yes, you can be successful with the skills you acquired in your sales training. Sales training can be highly effective. It's a great way to develop your skills. In addition, you get out there in the field and gain sales experience. But, what if I told you about a tool that could help you quickly read and identify how a person likes to buy? If you have more insight into the DISC buying style of your prospect, then you know what makes him/her more likely and more motivated to buy from you. Selling would be more successful for you.

DISC Buying Style infographic

Closing the Deal Using DISC Buying Styles

Learning one way to sell can be misunderstood to believe that you only have one type of prospect or customer. Next time you're working with your prospect, think about how he/she prefers to make buying decisions. Does he/she want you to hit the selling points quickly? Should you offer product brochures and promise to give them time to review them before following up?

Also, remember the factors that motivate DISC styles to buy. Is your client looking for status or recognition? Are they more interested in reliability or expert endorsement?

Your ability to identify the DISC buying style of your customer could me the difference between winning the sale and getting shut down. I still love my friend, but I am still not in the market for knives.

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser