Nov. 4: Coaching Difficult People Webinar: The Process

26 Oct, 2016 / by Christina Bowser

We continue our ongoing Coaching Difficult people webinar series by focusing on what happens when a debrief gets difficult and how to best handle push-back and objections.


The webinar, Coaching Difficult People Using DISC: The Session, is on Friday, November 4th from 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT.


Our previous webinar, "Coaching Difficult People Using DISC," focused on being prepared. In addition, we focused on how to succeed by being prepared for challenging debriefs and sessions.  This webinar will continue on the topic of challenging people and the use of DISC. We focus more on debriefs and sessions that can turn into a challenge, especially when people resist or object to the information. Again, we touch on approaches and give you tips to master some difficult moments that can come up when you are reviewing Extended DISC assessments.

How to Register for DISC Profiles at an Organizational Level Webinar

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Christina Bowser

Written by Christina Bowser