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Extended DISC is an international assessment company with operations in almost 50 countries and over 250 team members. Extended DISC offers internationally validated — and periodically re-validated — assessments that can be tailored to clients’ unique needs and preferences.
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Shopping during the holidays: ­DISC Explained

Happy group of women Christmas shopping at the mall

How is DISC related to how you prefer to do your holiday shopping?


Santa and His Elves: DISC in the North Pole

Elf on a shelf sitting on presents

Santa's elves are as diverse as any group. How will the Dominant, Influence, Steady and Compliant personalities play out in Santa's Workshop?


Why Use DISC in My Organization?

Successful business presentation and a group of people applauding

Find out what a DISC assessment is and the top reasons to use it to use DISC in your organization.


Why The Best TV Characters Have DISC Personalities

Family watching television while sitting on sofa at home

What’s the key to a great TV show? It’s not story, score, or setting, though all of those are important. It’s the characters that truly make a show worth watching! 


Hurricane Preparedness: DISC Styles

BS Hurricane supplies-1

You've just received an alert that your area is directly in Hurricane Jane's path; how will you and your team members' preparations differ?


Negotiations and DISC-Styles

Strong older female in negotiation

Understanding the personal preferences and style of the person sitting on the other side of the negotiating table provides you with a huge advantage. If you’re heading into a negotiation with someone with a distinctive high C-Style, you’ll know to be prepared you'll know to be prepared to discuss data, information and details. If you try the same method with a high I-Style, they may become


Busting Myths about DISC Profiles

Myths buttons

DISC assessments can provide abundant insight into the ways employees behave and interact and what you can expect from your team. While these assessments provide useful information and can help you create a productive, harmonious and comfortable culture, they can also lead to misconceptions and even stereotyping for each DISC profile. Are all S-Style individuals happy but laid-back pushovers? Is


DISC in the Construction Zone -- Boost Productivity and On-Time Delivery

BS Large diverse group of construction workers

The same insightful and powerful assessment that can provide information to help your office team perform and collaborate better can also benefit teams working in the field. DISC assessments work by providing you with details about an individual’s deeply ingrained preferences and style; whether the person in question sits behind a desk or behind the wheel of an earth mover or crane doesn’t impact


DISC Styles and Views of Winning

BS D Female in red celebrating success with boxing gloves.jpg

DISC Styles have different views of winning and success.

When DISC is used in the workplace, the focus is modifying behavior and on enhancing communication. While DISC is extremely effective for these modalities, knowing the assessment and DISC personality types of your team can also help you handle the effects of winning. For some, a big win or success is a celebration – but for others, it could


Don't Chase Your DISC Results

BS Woman with 2 expressions.jpg

How to maximize your DISC results to communicate more effectively.

Millions of people have completed DISC assessments to identify their behavioral style. However, company leaders and HR managers sometimes notice that employees react to these results with comments like, "Wow, I should have known I would be an I-style...I'm going to try harder to be a D." The intention of the DISC personality