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Extended DISC is an international assessment company with operations in almost 50 countries and over 250 team members. Extended DISC offers internationally validated — and periodically re-validated — assessments that can be tailored to clients’ unique needs and preferences.
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DISC Assessments and Team Building


It’s tough to pull together teams at work without some planning, introspection and information about how the individuals you are pulling together think, work and feel. 


DISC Personality Styles Under Pressure

Whether you know what they are or not, each of your team members has a unique DISC style personality – and their assessed type has a direct impact on how well they perform and relate to others when the pressure is on.

Will your top performing sales executive keep cruising along when the pressure mounts? Or, will she become a walking, fire-breathing nightmare everyone else tip-toes

Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips

From petty squabbles over where to order lunch or who had which file last, conflict in your workplace can derail your efforts and destroy your productivity. Even worse, a workplace with too much conflict is simply not an ideal place to spend time. In fact, if conflict resolution isn't utilized then the discord will fester and not be properly resolved.  It can result in poor morale, high turnover