Are You Using the Right DISC Provider?

9 May, 2019 / by Amy Lapinskie

Did you know that DISC tools are not all the same?

How do you select the best DISC tool?

DISC Model with colored quadrantsYou might be surprised to learn that no one owns DISC. DISC is public domain. I have been facilitating and designing DISC programs for over 20 years and never knew that until joining Extended DISC. Now my eyes are opened and I’m learning there are so many DISC assessments out there. With so many DISC assessments; how do you choose the best provider? Are they all the same? Here’s some food for thought.

How do you know which is best?

Here’s what I consider when making that decision. Since I work at Extended DISC, I’ll also provide you the answers from us. You’ll have to do your own research to find the answers from other providers.

FIrst, consider application. How do you plan on using DISC within your organization? Answering this question is essential in choosing a provider. Not all DISC products accomplish the same thing. Knowing what you want your DISC product to accomplish will help you in selecting a vendor.

Will you be using the reports for team development, sales, individuals, leaders, managers, conflict resolution, or customer service? I have seen DISC used in many different ways with various organizations. How will you use it? Can your DISC vendor provide you tailored reports to fit your need? Some providers will charge more if you need anything beyond a standard DISC report; which leads me to my next considerations.

How much does it cost?

Cost Management - Business Concept. Green Arrow with "Cost Management" Slogan on a Grey Background. 3D Render.You’re probably thinking, “okay, so if this is going to fit my tailored needs, how much is this going to cost me?” Even if you don’t select it based on a tailored need, you’re probably still thinking “how much will this cost?” Most of us are working on a budget. When you Google search, DISC assessments, you might even learn that some DISC assessments are free. So why would you pay for a DISC assessment? You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, it’s applicable with DISC assessments as well. Some are free, some are pricey, and some are in-between.

Will I be charged for tailored reports?

Leadership Cover ScreenshotAt Extended DISC one questionnaire can create multiple reports at no additional charge. You have access to a large library of reports including Leadership, Customer Service, and Sales. Reports can be tailored to your unique needs, preference, job roles and industry. I call it splicing and dicing the data. Individuals complete the questionnaire and have valid results. Anytime you want to run the data in a different report or format, you simply go into your account and do so. And there is NO charge!

If I want to run a team report, is there an additional charge or is it included? It is included. At Extended DISC there is no additional charge for team or pair reports. Crazy, right? Trust me, I've asked these questions in so many different ways to fully understand that there is absolutely no additional charge for running different reports. Really!

What is included with the purchase of an assessment?

As a client of Extended DISC, you know you are receiving competitive pricing with NO extra FEES of any kind – you pay only for the assessments you use. We offer flexible pricing options to fit different needs and situations. You receive responsive, live customer service and access to free training materials, PowerPoints®, exercises, handouts, podcasts, and marketing materials.

Is there a charge for customer service/support if I need assistance understanding a result?

At Extended DISC we pride ourselves in the great and timely service and support we provide. We don’t charge you for asking questions.

Who am I dealing with?

Do you work with the provider directly or a third-party reseller? What about training? Do we need to hire outside trainers? Can we certify the trainers in-house? What’s the cost for trainers? The great news, is you get to chose. Do you want to hire us to come and facilitate your session(s)? We’ll be there! Do you want us to certify your own trainers? We can do that too! Plus, as our client you’ll have access to free training materials, PowerPoints®, exercises, handouts, podcasts, and marketing materials to use with Extended DISC® assessments!

Can I trust the results?

Confidence sign with a beautiful dayHow do I know the results are accurate? Can someone randomly answer the questions and still get results? At Extended DISC we do not force generate results. Individuals cannot randomly answer the questionnaire and generate results. It’s all interrelated at a level you can’t see. The algorithms we use are complex and work. If the system cannot identify at least one dominant DISC style from the pattern of answering, the system will generate an invalid result. The invalid result doesn’t indicate a problem; it indicates the integrity of the system. At Extended DISC, valid results are important to us. Every 2-3 years we validate our tool to ensure we measure what we say we’re measuring and that it’s a reliable and credible tool. We publish our findings and make them available to our clients.

Making the best choice

There you have it. When I chose a DISC vendor I want to make sure they fit my budget, my needs, my expectations of customer service and results I can trust. Who will you choose? I chose Extended DISC and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


Amy Lapinskie Amy Lapinskie has been an Extended DISC Senior Trainer for 2 years. She has extensive training in other behavioral assessment and business tools.





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Amy Lapinskie

Written by Amy Lapinskie