Our Community Listens Case Study

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In 2010, Philips LISTENS, Inc. was established by Bob and Cynthia Chapman to bring Barry-Wehmiller’s powerful and proven Communication Skills Training at no charge to communities for thesole purpose of “improving the fabric of our society.” Eventually, asthe non-profit began establishing additional chapters, its name was changed to Our Community Listens.

Our Community Listens is a non-profit dedicated to building more caring communities through life-changing programs that improve interpersonal relationships.

The training is offered through chapters and programs in an ever-growing number of communities. The training inspires improvement in how participants listen, relate, discern and communicate. It nurtures their ability to connect and see things from others’ perspectives.

From spouses and life partners, to parents and children, to co-workers, educators, police officers, health clinic workers, firefighters and EMS teams and others, the powerful training provides people with the tools to repair, improve or enhance any kind of relationship.


Our Community Listens is a three-day communications skills training course offered for free. The class uses the Extended DISC® assessment to profile people’s behavioral styles and then teaches them verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate with others, from co-workers to spouses, recognizing that different people have different needs when it comes to being heard.

The Extended DISC® is the foundation to the three days. The training begins by debriefing the assessment and then continues to build on the results the remaining days. The Extended DISC® is a pivotal piece, especially during the Resolving Conflict and Confronting Other People portion of the training.

The Extended DISC® was chosen because it provides the highest quality experience for the person taking the assessment. The product is validated and has the highest standard of integrity. The product also has customization options for reports and many language options.


Chapters of Our Community Listens are constantly experiencing stories of lives being changed after attending the 3-day training, which Extended DISC® is the groundwork to the course. Many describe it as a transformation training. A great illustration of this is the chapter in Aspen, CO offers the course once a month and often has 100’s waitlisted.

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