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Jul 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Markku Kauppinen

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We are Trusted Advisors to sales and customer service professionals around the world. We offer best in class training in sales, sales management, and strategic customer care.

The Sandler Selling System is a fully customizable training that allows us to effectively serve clients in a variety of industries and company sizes.

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In our business, we find that many people lack self-awareness. Of course, when we meet with clients, we can’t tell them that directly. Our job is to listen to their needs. We listen for key words such as: internal drama, headbutting, conflict, not taking ownership, and judgment. These key words let us know that Extended DISC® can help. Oftentimes it’s the subconscious behaviors that sabotage their business success because they just don’t understand them. 

In sales, being able to build rapport, bond with others, and deal with difficult people are skills that, when done successfully, will set us apart from our competition.  


Extended DISC® is foundational in the Sandler Training; it’s woven into every program we do. Extended DISC® is used both internally and externally and it has become a part of every conversation. We call it the “no judgement zone” tool. It reminds us to seek to understand the perspective of others. Our clients expect us to show up wearing their Extended DISC® clothes. People buy from people they like and who are like them. Extended DISC® helps us understand how to effectively adjust to improve communications, interactions, relationships, and ultimately, sales.


Execution after the sale is paramount. We ask new clients to measure the time they currently spend on emotional waste, drama, and problem-solving. After we have conducted the Extended DISC® training we ask them to measure again.

Most clients realize a 20% drop in stress and time management. What they find is that applying Extended DISC® allows their employees to move out of an emotional perspective and into a strategic one. They take more ownership, which results in less conflict. Judgement is reduced and people begin to look at things differently. Managers spend less time refereeing and more time producing results.

The customer service at Extended DISC® is paramount. The resources available make our jobs easier. The Quick Reference Cards are such a great takeaway, clients tell us they’re still using them years later. We also strategically use the Self Development Guide with senior leaders as their own personal guide. We’ve incorporated, and encourage our clients to do the same, the Extended DISC® profiles of clients and prospects in to our CRM system. It helps us to have a strategic plan upon interacting with clients and prospects, versus adapting on our feet.

To see the complete case study, please download it at the link below. 

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Markku Kauppinen

Written by Markku Kauppinen