Brundage Management Case Study

13 Aug, 2020 / by Markku Kauppinen

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Brundage Management Company, Inc. (BMC) is a privately owned Management Consulting Company headquartered in San Antonio, TX. BMC performs all management functions for Sun Loan Company and A-AAA Key Mini Storage, including: executive-level management and operations, human resources, employee recruitment and training, marketing and advertising, accounting, licensing and auditing functions, information technology, representation on state and national boards and governing bodies.


Brundage Management did not have training or a training culture. It was decided both were needed. One of the first areas the newly developed training team decided to focus on was management training. We wanted to incorporate a behavioral assessment into the training class; however, we didn’t want anything overly complicated because most of our employees only have a high school level of education. We needed something simple.

Trust was another challenge we encountered since most of our employees never had development before. We worked through trust barriers on an individual basis and by using the results of the Extended DISC® Assessment.

We found Extended DISC N.A. through researching DISC vendors. Extended DISC works for us because it’s simple, it’s easy to use, and it’s easy to understand. We can also customize the reports to fit our needs. We decided to sign up for the Extended DISC® Unlimited Use License so we would know exactly how much to budget for the year. Now, there are no worries, concerns or barriers about additional costs.


We designed a 4-module Management Program that uses The Extended DISC® Assessment at its core. The class is offered 1 to 2 times every month in seven different states. We dedicate a full 8 hours, over 2 days, to discuss DISC. Plus, each member of our training team has been certified in Extended DISC® Assessments to ensure the most effective delivery of the materials.

Participants are introduced to the DISC 4-quadrant model in the afternoon of Day 1. We intentionally wait until the end of class on Day 1 to pass out the Extended DISC® results; we do not want them distracted by looking at their own reports during class. As a post-class assignment, participants are asked to complete all the reflective questions throughout the report. This ensures they read the whole report — at their own pace. The reports are robust and we want to provide participants with a foundational knowledge of DISC and time to reflect on their reports.

The following day, we spend the entire morning talking about the reports. Every 15 minutes, we incorporate a reinforcing activity to help with retention, understanding and application of the information. For example, participants pair up with someone who is an opposite style from themselves. They need to interview one another and share their strengths and weaknesses. It gives them an opportunity to understand styles different from their own, in a safe environment. Participants also present to the class and provide tips for communicating with their style. We provide participants with as many opportunities as possible to practice applying DISC theory because we want them to leave the classroom and apply it to their day-to-day lives. The application of Extended DISC is also incorporated into our Coaching and Challenging Conversations modules to provide additional opportunities to practice.

Currently, we use the Individual Assessment and the My Team Report: Manager’s Playbook. During class, each participant receives the Individual Assessment. After class, managers are sent their team results and a guide in coaching and leading each of their employees. As we think of expanding the reach of the assessments within the organization, we’ll be looking at the other reports we have access to with Extended DISC.


The interest we have seen in taking the Assessment has been tremendous. We have people calling to ask how they can reserve a spot in the next class. Our wait list is huge! Word has spread and everyone wants to come to class. Last year, we had nearly 400 participants.

Another benefit we have seen is the level of self-discovery. Turnover is high for many managers. During class, many managers will reflect, “Now, I know why everyone is quitting. It’s not them; it’s me.” When our managers can have this type of self-realization and awareness, they are now able to choose whether to modify or not modify their behaviors. We’re not trying to change anyone; we simply modify behaviors for improved interactions. It becomes attainable when applying the Extended DISC® 4-Step Process to effective behavioral modification. It’s easy to apply and the results have been revolutionary.

The best testimonial we’ve heard is from our IT Manager. He confided he thought what we did was all fluff. However, after attending the Extended DISC training, he said it was eye-opening. He wasn’t aware, until then, how he was coming across to his team. He had been procrastinating a difficult conversation with an employee for weeks. After attending the class, he had the conversation, incorporating his Extended DISC knowledge, and was amazed at the results! A few adjustments to his approach made a world of difference.

Once we can breathe from our wait list, we’ll be looking at taking the assessments to the next level. Our relationship with Extended DISC will definitely be long-term.

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Markku Kauppinen

Written by Markku Kauppinen