Fairfax County Case Study

24 Oct, 2019 / by Markku Kauppinen

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Fairfax County government provides many services to the community it serves. The County government provides police, fire and rescue personnel; public transportation, health clinics, recreation centers, libraries and disposal facilities. 

The Organizational Development and Training Department is responsible for delivering training to 15,000 internal customers across 42 agencies. Most of the training they deliver is in person.


The Division Director, Robin Baker, attended a Leadership Fairfax course where the Extended DISC assessment was used. She had heard of the Extended DISC assessment from outside vendors, and after having first-hand experience with the assessment, she immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the tool.

The Training Department was already offering several assessments to its customers, but many of these tools use 15 or 16 quadrants. The ease and simplicity of the 4 DISC quadrants and the Extended DISC assessments was something Robin knew she wanted to add to the department’s toolbox.


Each month, the Organizational Development and Training Department offers each assessment, including DISC, to the agencies they serve. Individuals are encouraged to take all the assessments the County offers because “knowing thy self” is important to the County. Each month there are 15-30 individuals who sign up for the Extended DISC assessments.

The County has also started using the Extended DISC for team building. Each month there are at least 4-5 off site teambuilding sessions. 

Some agencies in the County have also made the Extended DISC assessment a standard for all their new employees to take. Agencies that deal with life and death situations have seen the power in the tool to help individuals know themselves, work better, and communicate better.


Evaluations have shown very positive feedback about the Extended DISC assessments.

People have found, that because of its simplicity, they actually use it! Also, the assessment doesn’t tell you there is something wrong with you and that you need to be fixed; therefore, they appreciate the knowledge of learning who they actually are. They embrace who they are and find it’s easier to achieve and maintain successful application back at work or in the office.

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Markku Kauppinen

Written by Markku Kauppinen