DISC and Social Media

Jul 5, 2018 9:03:00 AM / by Christina and Amy

If you're like most people, you've used social media in one way or another.

BS Businessman Social Media Net You probably know people who post minute-by-minute happenings on their social media like it's an addiction. Also, you likely know people who only post once in a blue moon or never at all. How individuals use social media can be clues about their DISC style.

D-styles and social media

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Our D-styles typically use social media to serve their own agenda or dispense their expertise. They might use it to share or push a political view or influence a perspective. Social media can also be a great venue to highlighting individual accomplishments like running a race or the latest travel adventure.

D-styles are likely to approach social media as a contest to be the most "liked" or to have the most connections. Twitter may be a great D-style social media app since it's concise, quick, and bold.

I-styles and social media

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Hey look at me! I-styles use it for everything and anything. They are the social media champs! It's not one post a day on Instagram, but abundant ones; going live is a great social media addition for I-styles! They are the ones who share long stories and tons of pictures; especially of themselves. I-styles are going to "like" every one of your posts and comment on them with emojis and "beautiful," "love it!" or "super cute!" They post pictures impulsively from their daily life and special events. I-styles love social media because it keeps them front and center, as well as connected to people and emotions 24/7.

Simultaneous postings on multiple social media apps mean more information and interactions; which is what they crave. Instead of the more cautious S-styles or C-styles who will screen social media invitations, I-styles are likely to accept every one because "there's no such thing as a stranger". All those social media quizzes are publicized and are targets of impulse buying from ads.

S-styles and social media

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Our S-styles use social media to keep in touch with family members and those closest to them. Their posts typically are about family and close friends. What are the kids up to? What's new and funny with their pet to be shared on within their circle. Facebook, Google Plus, or Instagram on private settings allows the S-style to socialize with a preferred circle of family and friends. They don't accept everyone and may not feel comfortable sharing all personal accomplishments or every moment of their day. They are usually not impulsive posters, but likely to give it some thought before posting on social media.

C-styles and social media

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Our C-styles use social media to gather information about people they know. They typically don't post or respond to posts, but they are definitely reading our latest updates. It's like a dream come true where they can be a "fly on the wall". C-styles are less likely to post because they are overanalyzing what to say, what picture to use, how will people will react, who will see it etc.

C-styles are more likely to look at the "terms and conditions" before use. How many of us have simply checked the box and moved on? They prefer LinkedIn because it can be strictly focused on their work lives without bringing in their personal lives. The LinkedIn app allows you to stay structured and removed from postings on puppies and babies.

How to use DISC in social media

Understanding DISC styles can also help you send feeds and posts blogs that will really resonate with your audience! Think about the questions DISC styles tend to ask. D-styles want to know "what's in it for me?" I-styles want to know "who else is involved?" or how can I socialize more? S-styles want to know "how can I stay connected with those who matter most to me?" C-styles want to know "why?"

Next time you're on social media pay attention to the different types of posts you're seeing because they may be clues to a person's DISC style. Don't forget to find us on social media!

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Christina and Amy

Written by Christina and Amy