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Barry-Wehmiller began in 1885 as a small midwestern-USA-based pasteurizer and bottle washer business. It has grown into a global supplier of manufacturing technology and services serving a diverse platform of industries: packaging, paper converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering and IT consulting.

In 1987 a robust acquisition strategy was launched that has brought more than 80 additional businesses into the fold.

Barry-Wehmiller has become a thriving $2.4 billion and growing global industry leader through a continued commitment to a shared vision, unrelenting dedication to outstanding products and services, and ardent attention to the people who make the business possible.

At Barry-Wehmiller, we believe that every human being on the planet wants to know that who they are and what they do matter. As a business we have a unique opportunity to let them know they do. When we bring out the best in people, they give their best. To their work, their team members and friends, our customers and suppliers, the people in the communities in which they work and live, and most important of allto their families. And before you know it, a better job has helped build a better world!


How do we ensure the culture we’ve cultivated lasts forgenerations to come?


Barry-Wehmiller University launched in 2007 with a focus not on traditional training classes, but rather personal growth experiences that educate associates in our inspirational leadership, culture, and sustainable business strategies. The Extended DISC assessment is a foundational component of our keystone course within the University.


Our organization has created a culture of Extended DISC. We speak through the Extended DISC® lens quite easily. The Extended DISC® is used as an entry document into mapping an associate’s performance. It is used in constant conversations on coaching and feedback and is a core underpinning of many of our different systems. Extended DISC® is a part of our culture and helps us to see our similarities and differences in a way that aids us to understand that “Everybody Matters”.

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