Asking or Telling: Which really is better?

I recently noticed an Instagram post on how to be more polite; in other words, stop "telling" and start "asking."


DISC Profiles: the Opposite Styles

Have you ever heard of Opposite DISC Profiles? The majority of us have not.


DISC Profiles: 3 DISC Styles Above the Line


When Different DISC Styles Plan a Trip Together

They say you really don't know someone until you've traveled with them, or in my case, planned a trip together.


Why Use DISC in My Organization?

Find out what a DISC assessment is and the top reasons to use it to use DISC in your organization.


Using the Work Pair to Better Connect With Your Team Members

Managers use the Work Pair Assessment to better connect with their individual team members.


How to Successfully Launch DISC Assessments in Your Organization

Tools come and go; in fact, many of them don't seem to have sustaining power. How can we, as DISC facilitators, create the value required to help people modify behaviors?


What's Your Sales Excuse Index?

Selling is a tough profession. How does your Sales Excuse Index tell you if you're on top of your game?


Driving Performance in Golf and Sales

You've been working hard on your putting game, but now you notice your driving accuracy has dropped. How can your further develop your sales competences by better understanding your golf game?


Why The Best TV Characters Have DISC Personalities

What’s the key to a great TV show? It’s not story, score, or setting, though all of those are important. It’s the characters that truly make a show worth watching! 

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