DISC Leadership Training

The goal of DISC Leadership training is to provide useful tools to better our skills as a leader. All leaders, regardless of their DISC profiles, can use these simple and effective steps to be more self-aware and lead more successfully.

DISC Leadership training and DISC profiles


Join us at the HRSouthwest Conference, Oct. 16-19

Extended DISC is the Bronze Sponsor and an exhibitor at the 2016 the HRSouthwest Conference, October 16-19 at Ft. Worth, TX. 

Extended DISC® offers customizable, online DISC assessments for leadership, sales, customer service, team and communication training. Our Unlimited Use DISC License allows you to use an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed fee. Our Public and Virtual Certification


Moving Beyond Hardwired Behaviors

How tuned in are you to your hardwired behaviors? How you "show up" at work and home may not be the same. Figuring out how you prefer to do things and how you should do it is key to your success.

How different are you at home and work?


October 5th: Using DISC Profiles at an Organizational Level Webinar

Go beyond just the DISC reports. Join our Using DISC Profiles at an Organizational Level webinar to learn how.



Introducing Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar


Ever thought about using DISC videos in your training? View the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar to learn how to build new resource tools into your practice.

Overview of Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

We have created a set of brand new training videos on DISC that are now available for you. In the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar Senior Trainer, Christina Bowser and Client


iFinxS App Simplified for Extended DISC Admin Users

The iFinxS app is designed for admin users of the Extended DISC® FinxS System. Try it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



Finding Ideal Leadership DISC Profiles

Using DISC to determine whether someone fits the role of a ideal leader is precarious at best. Instead of focusing on ideal leadership DISC profiles, recognize that the most successful leaders are keenly self-aware and have the ability to effectively adjust their styles to meet the demands of their different roles.

Behavioral Characteristics of Leadership Styles


September 22: Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

Join our Extended DISC Training Videos webinar to preview our newest resource! These videos are designed to creatively ramp up your client's and audience's understanding of DISC. Learn how videos can also enhance the quality of your training sessions.

Overview: Introducing the New Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar


Social Media Quizzes: Fun and Intriguing

My age is 65 based on my musical tastes, my energy color is lavender, and I was a flamingo in my past life. We find social media quizzes intriguing and fun, but how accurate are they really?

Social media quizzes are everywhere


What Makes Extended DISC Different From DISC?


Chances are you've been asked, "What makes Extended DISC different from other DISC tools?" They are not all the same. The distinction between the assessments is critical to getting the right information to actually improve communication skills.

Is there a difference?

No one owns DISC or the theory, it is public domain. However, there are companies that have their proprietary reports and


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