Overview of I-styles

How do we identify and describe I-styles?


Overview of D-styles

How do we identify and describe D-styles?


Dear Manager: What I Wish You'd Know About Me

Do you ever wish you could tell your manager how they could better manage you? DISC helps you to do it.


Tips for Using the Extended DISC® Play & Learn Game

Great trainers are always looking for more ways to build engaging and interactive exercises in their DISC sessions, right?


Are the Tasks You're Avoiding Related to Your DISC Style?

So, what tasks do you find draining? We all have those certain tasks we put off or avoid altogether.


You're a D-style?! Hey, I'm a D-style too!

As a DISC trainer, people often tell me their DISC styles. So, why am I sometimes doubtful when they tell me they're a D-style?


Don't Let Misconceptions Cloud Your Judgment

Preconceived views about others enable us to make quicker decisions in our interactions, but can also end up clouding our judgment.


DISC Can Help Reveal Why Others Annoy You

Have you ever noticed you “click” with some people; while others annoy you?


Using DISC to Help Land that First Job

How can DISC help young professionals turn a job interview into a job offer?


Extended DISC and the Healthcare Sector

Effective outcomes depend on how well we interact with our colleagues and our patients. DISC helps improve these interactions and ultimately, the outcomes.

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